The main events of Wednesday in European soccer.

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EPL: "Liverpool beat Wolves

Arsenal finally equalized with Manchester City in terms of the number of games played and now leads the reigning champions by five points following the postponed Week 7 encounter. In the game with Everton, who began to show signs of life after the appointment of Sean Dyche and sensationally defeated the Canaries on his debut, a section at the end of the first half was decisive.
The hero was Saka, who first stumped the Toffees' signing Pickford with a shot into the top corner and then set up Gabriel Martinelli's goal. In the second case, the goal was scored after the intervention of VAR, who corrected the error of the referees. In that episode, there was no infringement at the moment when Sak was taken away, nor was there any offside on the Brazilian who sent the ball into the net.
It's a curious coincidence that both Martinelli and Saka brought their goal tally to ten goals on Wednesday, with the former of the pair not settling down. Now Arsenal is not only the leader, but also the only team this season with two players with double-digit results. And soon, apparently, there will be three such players, as Edegor is one shot away from a ten.
Perhaps Jurgen Klopp might have tired of Wolverhampton this winter. On January 7, the Reds played out a 2-2 draw with the Wolves in a cup competition, had a successful replay (1-0) on the 17th and were humiliated on February 4 (0-3). That game was a nightmare for Liverpool, but on Wednesday everything went well. It wasn't easy, though, because Nunez's first goal was canceled after the referee went to the monitor. There, he saw that Diogo Jota, who had rushed into the penalty area, had struck the defender in the leg.
But in the end it was the stubbornness of the former Wolves player that proved to be the key factor. When Jose Sa drew out a free-kick from a corner by van Dijk, it was the Portuguese who brought the ball back in front of the net and, at the second attempt, the Dutchman made Anfield explode with delight. And then, on the spur of the moment, Tsimikas raced down the flank and slotted a cross for Salah. The European Cup became a little closer for Liverpool.

FA Cup: shock for Tottenham

After winning the League Cup, Eric ten Hague decided to give the group of leaders a break, and it was a real gift to former Moyes' coach David Moyes. The visitors were even closer in the first half, and De Hea's one-on-one stop by Antonio looked far more unpleasant than Zabitzer's long-range shot for the West Ham goalkeeper.
Sensing the problem, ten Hague sent Casemiro onto the field immediately after the break, but it had no immediate effect, and the Brazilian was even involved in the missed goal. It was he who confronted Soucek on the spotlight when the Czech seemed to have let the ball over the line. As a result, the Brazilian stopped, forgetting the commonplace truth about playing to the whistle. Meanwhile, the attack continued, and Benrachma hit the ball into the far corner so that De Gea could only glance at the steep trajectory of the shot.
The incident shocked Old Trafford, but it also signaled the entry of Rashford and, accordingly, the Red Devils' surge of activity. Casemiro clearly wanted to make amends but scored from offside, but the next standard ended with Agerd cutting the ball into his own net against Weghorst. Just when a replay seemed inevitable, Garnacho, criticized in recent times, reminded us of his talents by taking the ball in the corner of the penalty area and firing it into the net with his second touch. "MJ is truly a cup team this season.
It was Tottenham's night to cause a sensation, and I don't think Spurs are happy about that. A few days ago, this team left no chance for Chelsea, and now they've lost to a representative of the Champions League. However, it is not worth belittling the opponents. It is possible that in a few months Sheffield United will return to the AFL. They are now second in the table, and in the Cup they went on in sync with second division leaders Burnley. He, however, got a very modest opponent, and to leave without the trophy missed the chance to equalize in the end Kane is worth a lot. It is also a contribution to the fact that, for the first time in 15 years, only four representatives of the AFL will play in the quarterfinals.

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