One of the major discoveries of the season in European soccer.
Lance has a great and friendly team, the coach and the management trust each other. Of course, the club wants to get to the Champions League, but the Europa League would be a good result as a stage of development.
The main events of Sunday in European soccer.
Mbappe and Messi lit up the French clasico, Tottenham brings Potter closer to dismissal from Chelsea, Barcelona's nightmare week
Blues head coach Graham Potter is on the verge of being fired.
On Sunday, Chelsea lost 0-2 to Tottenham and are even further away from fourth place in the Champions League, 14 points away and 10 away from the relegation zone. The Blues are in terrible form, with only two wins in their last 15 games and just one goal scored in six games. In February, Chelsea
The main events of Wednesday in European soccer.
Arsenal pulls away from Man City after a devastating win, and MU launches a Cup campaign after a mistake by Casemiro
Ronaldo's transfer is a gold mine for MJ. He will bring the club tens of millions in profits
Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester is all about romance, nostalgia, goals, shouts of "Si!", Instagram posts. All of this we will watch with our own eyes. It's also big business. The money issue in the context of Cristiano is more important than in the case of any other footballer on the
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